Wellness Tips

Wellness Tips

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-1. Establish regular exercise routines in your life.

2. Continue to work on eating healthily; vigilance will always be needed to be successful.

3. See your doctor regularly for wellness exams and health/disease screenings/tests.

4. If you have symptoms, seek medical attention; don’t ignore warning signs of issues.

5. Along with your body, make efforts to stimulate and strengthen your brain as you age.

6. Maintain satisfying social relationships.

7. Keep involved in activities and pursuits that interest you.

8. Try to maintain a positive attitude to support your resilience when life hands you


9. Keep your body hydrated with water.

10. Avoid toxins and unhealthy environments.

11. Take care of your skin.

12. Know your health numbers and what they mean, regardless of how healthy or

unhealthy you are now.

13. Get adequate sleep.

14. Spend less time in front of the TV; at minimum, get up and move during commercials.

15. Learn to relax more.

16. Focus less on your weight, and more on your overall health.

17. Find things to be grateful for in your life.

18. Don’t forget to smile and laugh routinely.

19. Do something fun every day.

20. Have a sense of purpose in your life.

21. Let go of the past, focus on what you can do to improve your present and future.

22. Give your focused attention on what you can do to address your most unhealthy habit.

23. Remind yourself it takes time and patience to change ingrained habits.

24. Know your family health history.

25. Eat a variety of foods, especially fruits and vegetables.

26. Limit your use of alcohol.

27. Don’t forget your dental health.

28. Don’t forget your eye health.

29. Continue to educate yourself about overall health and wellness, over time new findings

result in updated recommendations from health experts.

30. Replace bad habits with good ones.

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