Holistic Program by Carma

Holistic Program by Carma

Holistic Wellness Program - $499 (Program Cost Includes Access to All Services Listed)

Strategy Sessions: Weekly one-on-one sessions to assist clients in clearly identifying their personal and/or professional goals with the purpose of achieving a positive outcome. Clients can expect to leave each session with a unique plan of action & supportive resources to support their journey towards accomplishing their goals.

This service is $85 per session when not included with Holistic Wellness Program Package

Holistic Wellness Planning: Clients can expect to receive an in-depth write up of recommendations that align with the wellness goals and/or imbalances discussed during an initial consultation. These recommendations include weight loss guidance along with diet, lifestyle & herbal regimes that clients will manage themselves with the support of Carma through emails & phone conversations.

This service is $165 per case when not included with Holistic Wellness Program Package

Holistic Stress Management: Clients can expect to learn & develop personalized practices to help manage & cope with daily stressors, reduce anxiety & promote an overall state of inner peace. Practices include meditation, breathework & other mindful techniques.

These services are $125 per instruction when not included with Holistic Wellness Program Package

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